Nourish Artisan Feta-esque Cheese Style Product is a white cheese style offering with a salty and tangy profile. It is a crumbly and slightly creamy texture. Crumbleswell for salads and topping as well as spreads on a nice crusty bread. The distincctive zest comes from being stored in vinegary brine giving it a unique bite and aridity. This Feta-esque product is made from a soy tofu base. This is a WFPB/NO cheese.


Eat Now or Eat Later: The beauty of the WFPB/NO Feta-esque product is it is ready to eat the day you buy it or arrives, if on-line ordered. Don't delay. In fact buy two, one to eat right away and onother for the weekend.


Pairings:  The Artisan Feta-esque has a strong character. It is rich, salty, spicy and can be acidic by it's nature. It needs a wine with an equally strong personality, high acidity and good structure. Some ideal wines are the Greek Assyrtiko, varied Sauvignon Blanc and aFrench Pouilly-Fume. A nice neutral almond or rice craker is a great medium to bring the wine Feta-esque pairing together.

Nourish Artisan Feta-Esque Cheese Style Product