Nourish's Artisan Belu is a true cultured Bleu style non-dairy, plant-based, vegan product. Deep bleu flavor with a nice creamy texture. Made from high quality cashew nuts and aged for 21 days before release. Comes in a 6oz wheel.


Allergen Warning: Contains Cashew Nuts


Food Pairings: The Artisan Frauxmage Bleu pairs well with dried fruits such as apricots or raisins, fresh figs and pears. It flavors well with  a whole grain cracker and almonds.


Classic Wine Pairings: Artisan Fruaxmage Bleu pairs well with reds and sparkling wines.


Size: 6oz wheel

Cultering: Penicillium Roquiforti, 21-days

Shelf Life: Best used within  7-weeks

Base: Cashew Nut

Shipping: Ships in insulated containers with ice packs. Can be shipped 3-day or overnight using UPS, USPS or FEDEX. Shipper does not gurantee shipped items. Buyer can purchase insurance to guard against spoilage.