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Our Values

At Nourish we are passionate about our values. They define who we are as an establishment. 


We are doing our part to be eco-sensitive. 

At Nourish we produce & package a variety of specialty food items that reflect our commitment to healthy organic, whole, plant-based and eco-sensitive foods. We try to package our products in recyclable, commercially compostable or returnable containers.

As such, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our waste contribution. As a community member, we want to work together to investigate new ideas. If you have a suggestion or know of a packaging solution that would help us be more eco-sensitive, let us know.

Our packaging products are compostable, recyclable or returnable: A majority of our packaging is made of sustainable plant crops such as sugar cane, hemp and bamboo. While this is more expensive than other packaging options, it is an integral part of our commitment to being Eco-Sensitive.

Glass Jar Packaged Spreads & Sauces: We are packaging fruit spreads and sauces recyclable and returnable glass jars that can be returned directly to our shop. We have a $2.00 surcharge on the first purchase (cost of jar & lid) on our jar packaged items. The next purchase you make that charge is waived when you return the jar. Working together we recycle and reduce the waste.

Animal Ethics

No animals or animal byproducts are used in the making of any of our food products. At Nourish we have two doctrines that we follow.


1. We believe that as human beings we are the stewards of animals and should be looking out for their well being. We are against factory farming practices, animal abuse and the practices that are deployed in order to increase production.


2. The North American diet is killing North Americans in record numbers. People are suffering from more chronic diseases brought on by the foods we consume. Nourish practices the Whole Foods, Plant-Based lifestyle and applies it to the foods we make. Always fresh, always prepared with plant-based product.

Keeping it Local

Nourish is a Vermont Company owned by Ric & Dara Lavallee who reside in Saint Albans Vermont. We strive to support local growers and manufacturers where we can. Many of our ingredients come from across our state. Vermont farmers and producers are the key to sustaining our community. As we grow you will find links to the local companies that help support Nourish in it's quest for Whole Foods and Plant-Based products

Organically Sourced

We used certified organic ingredients as much as we can. It comes at a premium but, we believe that the organic ingredients make better food products and are better for our customers.

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