Our Daily Menu - Friday, April 23rd, 2021

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8oz $4.45/ea or 12oz $5.95/ea


In Stock  ~ Cider Cheddar Soup GF

PASTAS  ~ 12oz $6.25/ea

In Stock  ~ Mac "n" Cheezey GF

In Stock  ~ Buffalo Mac "n" Cheezey GF

In Stock  ~ Penne Alfred"Oh" GF

 All pasta dishes are prepared with gluten-free brown rice pasta. 

SALADS    ~ $7.25/ea

In Stock  ~ Greek Fusilli Pasta Salad GF

In Stock  ~ Rosemary Potato Salad GF 

In Stock  Thai Peanut Salad GF 

In Stock  ~ 3-Bean Rainbow GF

Salads have dressings on them, additional choices of: Creamy Caesar, White Balsamic Vinaigrette, Champaign Vinaigrette, Dill Ranch, and Thai Peanut.


All sandwiches are made with fresh Nourish Rosemary breads and rolls. Gluten free options are made with Schars breads.

In Stock  ~ Curried Egg Salad Style on Rosemary Bread  

$7.25/ea or $7.95/ea for GF bread

In Stock  Tuna-Esque Salad Style .on Rosemary Bread 

$7.25/ea or $7.95/ea for GF bread

In Stock  ~ New Orleans Style Muffuletta Sandwich 

$10.95/ea opr or $11..75/ea for GF  bread          

In Stock  ~ Southern Style BBq.

$12.95/ea or $13.75/ea for GF bread


Friday & Saturday  ~ Philly Cheesesteak 

$12.95/ea or $13.75/ea for GF bread

This an amazing sandwich made with Lions Mane Mushroom from Funj Shroom Company. The shrooms are smoked for 2-hours. They are then sautéed in coconut amino acids under pressure for 1-hour. Then sliced into strips, added to Nourish cheese and

caramelized onions. Served on a fresh baked Nourish roll. This sandwich costs a bit more than usual but, worth every penny. Limited availability. Sorry no reservations, first come, first served. Philly has no game on this baby.

DELI MEATZ  Patties & skewers are seasoned the Nourish way. Take home and cook for the family.

In Stock  ~ Burgerz by the Patty

to cook at home  $5.95/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Olde Bay Crabby Cakes

to cook at home $5.95/ea

In Stock  ~ Vegan Shrimpys on a Skewer 

to cook at home $5.95/ea GF

In Stock  Chickin Wings - Drumsticks  

6 for $10.95 or 10 for $16.95 GF

10 split into 2-sauces add $2.00. 

Sauce Choices of: Buffalo, Teriyaki, Maple Garlic, Kentucky Bourbon BBq, & Chipotle Maple BBq. Comes with Nourish Artisan Bleu Cheese Garlic dip, celery & carrot sticks 

PIZZA (gluten free crust) Available Fri & Saturday evenings 3:00pm to 8:00pm.

 Call in to order, ready in approximately 20 minutes. Pickup only, no delivery currently available

In Stock    ~ Tomato Basil & Mushroom $24.95 plain or $26.95 with Mozzarella shreds.

Fresh tomato, mushroom, peppers, olives, Vegan Mozzarella shreds,

In Stock    ~ Sun Dried Tomato & Mushroom $24.95 plain or $26.95 with Mozzarella Shreds.

Sun dried tomato, mushroom, peppers, olives, Vegan Mozzarella shreds

In Stock    ~ Meatz Lovers  $29.95 

Fresh tomato, mushroom, peppers, olives, Vegan Mozzarella cheese, sausage & beef crumbles

In Stock    ~ Buffalo Chikin  $24.95

White sauce, Sweet Earth Chikin, Mozzarella shreds & Buffalo Sauce

In Stock    ~ BBq Chikin $24.95

White sauce, Sweet Earth Chikin, Mozzarella shreds & Kentucky Bourbon BBq Sauce

In Stock    ~ Teriyaki Chikin  $24.95

White sauce, Sweet Earth Chikin, Mozzarella shreds & Nourish's own Teriyaki Sauce


DASH-IN & DINE-AT-HOME DINNERS  (gluten free pasta) 


Wednesday April 28th, 2021 - Shepherds Pie

Available Wednesday Evenings. Call in order on Tuesday by 5pm. Order will be ready Wednesday from 4pm - 7pm.

Dinners available in multiples of two and four.  Optional Salad, Dessert & Garlic Rolls available.

Give the Family Chef the night off. The Nourish Wednesday Night Dash-in & Dine-at-Home Dinners are

prepared, partially cooked and ready to take home. Pop the casserole dish in the oven (without cover) and

voila dinner is ready. (approx. 15 min @ 375 F or until warm)


Comfort food that is truly comforting.

A $10.00 refundable Eco-Container deposit is required on each casserole dish. Return or exchange the casserole dish the following

Wednesday night for the next Dash-In & Dine-at-Home Dinner.

Dinner for two   $30.00

Dinner for four  $55.00

Add Garlic Rolls: for two    +$5.00 or for four +$10.00   

Add Caesar Salad: for two +$5.00 or for four +$10.00   

Add Petite Dessert: for two +$5.00 or for four +$10.00 


In Stock  ~ Creemey "n" Cheezey $9.95/ea

Available in Maple-Walnut, Spanish Olive, Spicy Olive Mix. Coming soon Herb & Scallion

In Stock  ~ Feta $5.95/ea

In Stock  ~ Parmesan 8oz Shaker $8.99/ea

Sold Out ~ Artisan Roqueforti Bleu  $19.95/ea

Sold Out ~ Artisan Brie $19.95/ea


COOKIES (made with oat milk) 

In Stock  Butterscotch Fire Ball Cookie  $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Sea Salty Chocolate Caramel $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Rolled Oatmeal Raisin $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Big "A" Maple Shortbread $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Chocolate Chunked $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Peanut Butter Blast $4.25/ea GF


In Stock  ~ Lemon Chiffon Square $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Espresso Chocolate Bar $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Peanut Butter Bar $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ White Chocolate & Cherry  $4.25/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Raspberry Oat Bar  $3.75/ea GF

In Stock  ~ Coffee Cake with Streusel  $3.95/ea GF


In Stock  ~ Salted Caramel Almond GF

In Stock  ~ Mixed Berry GF


Sold Out  ~ Carrot Cake Slice $4.25/ea

Sold Out  ~ Apple Pie Slice  $4.25/ea

Check back often. We change our offerings throughout the day. Adding new goodies, favorites and we sometimes run out due to demand or ingredient availability.

Have an idea for a new yummy treat?

Send in your ideas to "I have a Yummy Treat Idea!" .We'll see if we can add it to our quiver of goodies.



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