Exercise with Nourish!

Ric says Who wants to join me?" Help me on my journey, I will help you on yours.


Meet at 6am in front of Nourish at 15 Center Street in St Albans. We do a 3-mile walk through town. Just starting your exercise program, no worries. We are a Peer Support group. We will pair you up with new friends who will help you along your journey. We are looking for people of all levels of fitness who just want to have company on a nice walk. Don't be shy, you can do this. Just show up, we will supply the friendship

For more information contact Ric at 802-528-1026 or by email, ric@nourishwfpb.com. Put in the subject line " I will show up!"

Starts Wednesday April 28th, 2021 at 6am. Runs every morning, 7-days per week. Show up as much as you want.