Product FAQ

  • How long will my Artisan Brie or Artisan Bleu keep

    • The Artisan cheese style products are a cultured and aged cheese that has a consumption safe bloomy rind or bleu vein. These cheese style products are aged for an average of three to four weeks. To keep them from spoiling they are wrapped in a protective package. They are ready to eat when you open the package.​They do get better with some aging. However, at about 6 to 7 weeks you want to look for signs of greenish tint mold. In most cases cut the undesired mold away. The rest of the cheese can be consumed. at some point the cheese will taste off and should be discarded.

  • Can I freeze my Brie or Bleu.​

    • We do not recommend freezing the cheeze style products. The Brie and Bleu cheese style products are cultured and aged. Freezing will destroy the bloom and will also cause a breakdown.

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